Reuters Fact Check

Reuters Fact Check

Fact Check-Misleading meme features a digitally flipped image of Biden and a pixelated still grab

Some users on social media are sharing a collage of photographs of U.S. President Joe Biden that points out apparent differences between the images: the color of his eyes and his writing hand. “Blue eyes vs brown eyes. Right hand vs left hand”, the meme reads. Some users allege these “differences” are evidence that the photographs show an “actor” or a “body double”, not Biden himself. This claim, which speaks to the baseless QAnon belief that Biden is not really president, is false.

Fact Check-“Avoiding the future plague” video was made in 2020, intended as satire

A black and white video is being shared on social media that appears to have warned in 1956 about a future COVID-19 pandemic. Pointing to the purported date of creation, some users claim the footage is evidence that the outbreak, which has taken the lives of over 2.8 million people around the world, was planned. This is false: the compilation of footage was created in 2020 and was intended as satire.

Fact Check-Post falsely claims a gallon of diesel was $1.69 when Biden took office

Recent social media posts have claimed that diesel was only $1.69 a gallon in the United States soon after former President Donald Trump left office and has now reached $3.19 a gallon under President Joe Biden. This claim is partly false: the average price of diesel fuel nationally has not been lower than $1.70 a gallon since 2004, well before Trump took office. It last dipped under $2 a gallon in Feb. 2016.

Fact Check-Available COVID-19 vaccines are not linked to infertility or breast-feeding complications; 6,402 people did not die from the Moderna vaccine in February

Days after U.S. President Joe Biden said he would direct states to make all adults eligible for COVID-19 vaccines by May 1, a post on social media claimed that the vaccines cause infertility and that nursing mothers who have been vaccinated can cause harm to their babies. In addition, the post claims that over 6,000 people over the age of 50 died from the Moderna vaccine in February 2021. These claims are false.

Fact Check-No evidence Pelosi invested in foreign oil stock the day before Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline

Posts have been circulating on social media claiming that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bought $1.5 million in foreign oil stock the day before the “shut down of american line (sic).” There is no evidence of this transaction in Pelosi’s Financial Disclosure Reports which she is required to file under the Ethics in Government Act. In addition, a representative for Pelosi told Reuters that this is claim is false.