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Videos of alleged police misconduct went viral. Then what happened?

Some U.S. ities have moved with unusual speed to fire, suspend or charge police officers caught on video hitting and pushing peaceful protesters and targeting them with pepper spray during nationwide protests in recent weeks, a Reuters review of 44 videos recorded during the demonstrations found.

Vexed by annexation: The battle inside the EU over Israel

Two months before Donald Trump unveiled his Middle East peace plan on Jan. 28, Luxembourg's foreign minister was certain the U.S. president would break with the European Union and recognise Israeli sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Generation COVID: The Spanish learners lost to lockdown

Out of 31 pupils in one of Madrid teacher Clara Mijares' online classes last month, eight were missing. Two had not been seen for some time, she said, adding that this is a fairly typical ratio these days for her lockdown sessions for 12 to 16-year-olds.

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